Saturday, April 4, 2009

Foot Pic Slideshow!

Click here to view the slideshow!

So, hopefully this works. Google says it will, and she seems to know everything. I'm a little non-adept at all of this so it's putting all of the pictures that I've posted up here on the slideshow. So, you've seen the first bunch, but it's the last half that has the foot pics. I put captions on them which I hope will show up. The order might be a little screwy, but I've got other things to do today so let's all just cross our fingers and hope the thing works and it turns out well.

Update: So the link ought to bring you to an album of pictures. Just double click on the first one you want to look and and then you can either do a slideshow or just scroll through at your own pace. The images will be bigger and you'll be able to read the captions once you double click, just so you know. [I've learned a lot today . . . ]

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  1. It's definitely getting better Chris :) Keep on keepin' on.