Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Skin Tickles

The recovery process is continuing along pretty well. The left foot and hand are in great shape, with just a few more toenails to lose. I'm even getting feeling back in my left toes, which means that they're ridiculously ticklish again.

The heel of my right foot was closed up entirely for a couple days. We started using 1/2 as much gauze to wrap the foot so it isn't quite as large anymore. I got a little greedy on Saturday and tried to squeeze my foot into a few different pairs of shoes. I was able to get it in, but they were a little tight and that process reopened my heel a little bit. In the meantime, my friend Kris is letting me walk around in a pair of his shoes that are 2 sizes bigger than mine. So I've got a little more time to wait before the heel closes back up again, but I've got shoes I can wear for rainy/snowy days like today which is fabulous.

On the top of my right foot, things are almost entirely closed up, including the tops of the toes. There's some pretty interesting discoloration that is appearing where the deepest freezing occurred. The last time I was in Salt Lake they kept talking about the fact that I should expect some scarring. I never asked them what exactly that might look like and am starting to wonder if that's what we're seeing.

The big yellowish/deep open spot near my big toe is closing up and shrinking really quickly. It still has a little ways to go, but I'm pretty happy with how quickly that's moving. In between my toes there's also some spots that haven't closed up entirely. Because they're so squished together it is just taking longer for that to happen. On the bottom of my foot, the thick old callouses are peeling off leaving more incredibly ticklish new skin underneath. Not to complain, but the level of tickle-sensitivity on the bottom of my foot with the new skin and regenerating nerves is dangerously high. It makes it really difficult to work with. With pain you can just set your mind against it and deal with it. Tickling, well, that's just uncontrollable.

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  1. HI Chris,
    It is so nice to read your updates and find that you are progressing beautifully. Is patienc ebeing one of those virtues being tested now?! We've had a long string of very nice days. Temps in the 70s feel delicious. Stay the course. maybe even try NOT to push the limits once in a while!