Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Answers to a few frequently asked questions

Are there people in the Salt Lake City area that are able to hang around and support Chris? Yes!!! Lori drove home on Tuesday and I flew home on Tuesday, but my dad is still there through Wednesday and my mom flew in on Tuesday and will be there until Saturday. Chris also has some high school friends coming to visit this weekend and maybe early next week. The bonus however is Chris has a really good friend (Andrew Cole) that is finishing up his residency at the same hospital, so that is a huge help from a support stand point. Plus, now Chris will be able to sit-up and e-mail, etc. more so he will feel more in touch with everyone :)

Did Chris really think the trip would only take 3 hours? No!!! That was my mistake...when listening to the story over and over again, I so how got it in my head that it was supposed to be a short trip and at the time, that made sense. Obviously, the day trip took longer than expected, but they weren't off by 20 hour (although it was quite funny that those that know Chris pretty well were not surprised at the possibility of a 20 hour miscalculation). I promised Chris I would clear that bad ;)

How is the Lundberg family doing? Well, about as well as could be expected. It depends on the time of day I guess. It was nice to see my mom for a second and that she was able to make the trip. It is also nice that her and my can be there together before he heads of to Kansas for work. I am so/so...I mean I am happier than can be that nothing worse happened to Chris, but when someone as important as a younger brother gets hurt in anyway, it is tough to deal with and all I want to do is help him get better and wish I could have been their to protect him in the first place ;)

How is Chris' friend? Derek is ok...a little tired, but nothing major. There are so many factors that could cause one person to ok and another to not in a situation like this. All I know is that when I talked with Chris on his birthday a week ago, he was tremendously excited about the ski and thought that Derek was the best skier he had ever met, so he knew he was going to have to do his best to keep up ;) So, my guess is although Chris is very fit, that his body just got too tired and he couldn't produce enough heat anymore in addition to his choice of socks, etc. It is just one of those things...on a different day; there could have been a much more positive result for an excursion like this.

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