Thursday, February 26, 2009

Some Pictures

The blog was looking too wordy. We need some pictures. These are the only ones I have on my work computer. If someone wants to post some, send them to me or Allen and we will get them up. Childhood photos would be nice, preferable something embarassing to Chris.

Grand Teton Races - 2006
This is the year that I met Chris. I had done the 50 miler the day before and he won the marathon that year.

This is a picture of Chris, me and our friend Cole after a great run up Static Peak and back through Grand Teton National Park. We started and ended at the new Rockfeller Intepretive Center in the park.

This picture was taken on top of Death Canyon Shelf in the park. We did this run with our friends, Kris and Julie and it was a spectacular day.

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  1. Yes! I loved the beat up tank top! The only time I saw him during the race was when he flew by me coming down Fred's as I was heading up!