Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Clean and refreshed!

So today went pretty well so far. That was the first time I've ever needed heavy narcotics to take a shower, but it went pretty well. After I got washed down the nurses went on the attack, trimming away all of the dead skin from the blisters on my feet and left hand. It took a couple quick shots of iv painkillers to help me through the process, but it worked out okay. No real answers came out, other than that I will definitely require some skin grafting for my feet.

It's difficult to tell just how deep some of the dead tissue goes, but as we go along here there'll be more encounters with sharp objects to sort that out. I'm back on standard system-wide blood thinners again to try and persuade more blood towards my toes. Other than that, I've discarded a lot of tubes and wires. The catheter is now out so I get to practice my road trip peeing technique pretty frequently.

It's been so great to hear from so many people over the past few days. It's almost hard to remember what's going on when the phone is always ringing and the emails and comments are pouring in. I don't know how I'll ever be able to thank all of you for your incredible support through this but it all means just so much to me.

I feel so lucky to have such great family and friends. The efforts that have been made to clear schedules, make phone calls, travel down here, and take care of my business back home have been unbelievable. A very special thanks to Lori for being the best part of my life and for everything she's done for me. Without her I likely would not have gone to the hospital until it was far too late to save anything. She was also the voice of reason when I was unsure about coming to Salt Lake. I could never list all of the ways that she makes my life better, but those are certainly the most immediately relevant examples. I couldn't imagine a better friend and partner for all of the ups and downs of life.

Not sure what's on the schedule for tomorrow, other than some physical therapy. I'll get to stand up on my heels! Not exactly a thrill ride, but it'll be something.

Allen appears to have a misstatement of fact in the FAQs, I may have been a bit fatigued, but not tired. It's cool, just want to be sure that it's known that I don't endorse the use of the "t" word.


  1. Hey Lundberg! How is the view from the top of the mountain? I hope the doc is making progress trying to bring your limbs back to life. If only your hands and feet could have a beard like your face does. Get better.

    -Dylan Keith

  2. You're worth it and was definitely not trred. xoxo

  3. Allen sent me an email to tell me about your situation. I'm sorry that things didn't go as planned, but knowing you, you're probably ready for your next adventure already. I'm amazed by your strength and optimism, and I know that you'll have no problem getting through this!

    Thank you (and Allen and Lori!) for the continuous updates. I'm thinking of you and wishing you the best throughout your recovery. Wish there was more I could do... Maybe a game of Spades for good ol' times? Take good care of yourself, Chris!

    Hugs from Norway!

    -Kristin Welschinger

  4. Chris
    Your attitude is inspiring and motivating! However, not surprising given what I have observed in you as a runner, interacting with teammates, and as a person! Even before this experience, i have always been impressed by your sportsmanship and genuine personality! SO, keep pushing on and i know we will see you flying on the roads again soon!
    Jenna Boren (st paul)

  5. Chris,
    So glad you got out of the mountains, keeping moving was a good plan. You're a strong healthy boy, recovery will happen. Don't have to tell you how important attitude is, you invented it! I'm hoping to get to Salt Lake soon; I have a friend down there who is getting to know a new liver; two good reasons for a road trip. I'll stay in touch w/ Lori on logistics. Hang in there, I'm sending healing messages to your tissues! Best Wishes, Todd

  6. Chris - it is Carl W. from law school, we had a lot of classes together. Don't know what to say, apart from being totally impressed by your attitude. Get well soon dude.