Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Well, it's been a pretty good day. The therapy dog stopped by so I could pet him for a while, which was nice. My good friend from high school, Josh Sutliff stopped by for a few hours this evening which was just fabulous. He's in the area for work so it was just so wonderful that he could take some time to hang out in a hospital. Unfortunately, today wasn't all just a bed of roses.

I've got an infection in my right foot. It's not an awesome thing because it's pretty painful, but it's also nothing to worry about in the big picture of my foot. They decided to put me on some pretty intense antibiotics since I was in the hospital anyway and they didn't want to mess around with anything lingering. One of the things about this particular antibiotic is that it's hard to use with a regular IV. So, they've got me on what they call a "pick line." It's essentially a narrow catheter running through a blood vessel from my arm and into my chest, emptying out directly into an artery right above the heart. The complications of this are all in the insertion, and that was super smooth so I'm good to go.

The most difficult part of this is how, if at all, it impacts my length of stay here. I totally understand that they need to wait and see how I react to things before they can give a date for when I might get to go home. That said, it's just hard to sit here and not have any idea how soon I can go home. I'll just have to deal with it though. I figure if I just keep healing as fast as I can I'll be out of here soon enough. In the meantime, everything else will just continue to heal and I'll just be that much more mobile by the time I get out.

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  1. Chris: Troy and I are thinking a lot about you and know that if anyone can see the positive side of things, it's you! You have an amazing strength of spirit, and it's inspiring to read about your adventures both on and off the bedpan.

    Stay positive and catch all the good vibes you can!

    Love, Erika and Troy