Monday, March 2, 2009

Sunday Visit

When I was driving home last Tuesday from Salt Lake, I decided I would try to get back to see Chris the next weekend. It's hard to be away from Chris, especially now and I knew a visit would boast both of our spirits. I didn't tell him I was planning on coming because in case the weather turned or work kept me home, I didn't want to disappoint. So when I walked into the room after 9:00 Saturday night, he was expecting it to be Morgan, not me. It was a good surprise.

It was great to meet Morgan, who I now adore. I know how busy he is with saving the world with his great intelligence so it was touching that he came to see Chris. I know how much Chris loved seeing him and catching up on old times. We hung out that night until Morgan had to catch the train back to his hotel and the nursing staff was nice enough to let me crash with Chris. Nothing like sleeping in a twin bed again, makes you feel 7. They come in at all hours of the night to draw blood, get vitals and just poke him. The staff there has been just amazing.

I got kicked out of the room around 6:45 for staff change and I went and grabbed another hour of sleep in the back of my truck. I got back up there around 8:30 and was able to go in with Chris for his shower and change his bandages. I want to see this as much as possible so I will feel somewhat prepared when he comes home. They told me to eat something before going in because some people pass out when the bandages come off. This was not music to my ears as I get a little swimmy when it comes to blood and wounds but there was no needles so that was a positive. I got to glove up, then had to put on a mask, hair cover thing and plastic gown which doesn't help the swimmy effect to be in a plastic gown trapping all your body heat in your head.

I have seen Chris's feet from the beginning and I was prepared for the worst veiwing but really it wasn't that bad. Yes, they do look like the anatomy books pictures with the transparent pages where you turn back the skin, fascia, muscle, etc. But once you get over that, they look like feet, minus skin.

I was put in charge of washing his hair and beard, which I did and then I had to re-bandage his hands which look really good. You take strips of this nonstretch webbing and put this goup on it to keep the wound moist (hate that word) and then wrap it around his finger and then put this stretchy webbing over it. Then it all gets sewn together. Not hard at all. The feet look a little more involved but I can get that down too. The whole process using me and two other nurses took about 20 minutes. Chris had a rash on his torso that they think is from the laundered sheets so they will get him organic, touchy feely sheets from now on. Chris didn't need the narcotics this time when they changed the bandages which is great progress.

After the shower, Morgan came back by and we all participated in a lap around the nurses station for PT. Chris used a walker and could walk on the heel of his left foot only, but he got around the station, waved to his old room and made it back to his bed. I pushed the IV, Morgan made sure he didn't fall and there were two other nurses on each side. He did great but said the blood rushing to his feet is really painful and he had a little sweat on his brow when he finished. There were no aid stations on the route and he might have gotten a little dehydrated (kidding).

We had burritos for lunch and while we were waiting for the burritos to come, Chris had some other another random lunch. After we ate and watched a few Seinfeld episodes, we loaded Chris into the wheelchair and got outside. It wasn't sunny but it was warm, in the low 50s which felt great. We walked outside for about 20 minutes and the nurse had to come let us back in because with the hospital construction, it was hard to find a way back in.

I had to leave around 4 for the five hour drive home and said my goodbyes to Morgan and Chris. It's hard not being there all the time but he's at a good hospital and they are taking wonderful care of him. Now my focus is on when he gets to come home and told Chris to start asking. We are still not sure what he will get to keep but progress is made every day.

I think Chris will start trying to get some work done remotely this week. I brought him some cards that people sent (thank you!) and a care package from our good friends, Kris and Julie. We didn't get to do the coloring book that they put in there but I am pretty sure that Chris has already gotten into it today. Thanks again to all our family and friends who have been undying in their support and help. Chris and I will there for all of you anytime you need us.

So it's another week of work and twice daily calls to find out what's new with Chris. Hope everyone is doing well.

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